Moto G Power case

Need recommendation for a sturdy protective case and screen protector for Moto G Power

Hi @SusanMH,

We recently had a Community Challenge where people wrote about their favorite cases. You can browse those comments in Community Challenge 24: How do you keep your phone safe?.

I’m not sure what kinds of things are important to you in a case - sleek design? drop protection? attractive design? kickstand? grippiness?

People may be able to give you a little guidance if they know what matters most to you.

The Community Treasure Chest has a small stock of Otterbox Commuter Lite cases in a pale minty green color. I’d be glad to send you one of those to try out and see if you like it, at no charge. I’d just ask that you come back and tell others what you think about it after you’ve used it for a few days.

Thank you for your generous offer but based on the community recommendation of Corey K. , I ordered the mint green Commuter Lite directly from Otterbox. If you sign up for their emails they give you a $10 discount. It has already shipped but I will definitely give you my opinion on the case.

Actually, that’s a relief because it has dawned on me the cases I have are for the Moto G7 Power, not the phone you’ve ordered. Sorry, about that, I’m a bit sleep deprived! I would like to hear what you think of the case, though, once you’ve used it a while.

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