Moto G Power microphone sharing problem

Thank you. I looked at that thread, but didn’t see that one. (it was lengthy). :wink:

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I wouldn’t if I were you. I was all set to join the rest of the roadkill and be one of the first to buy a Faaaaaabulous Neeeeew MotoG Power phone, but thanks to all the folks here firmly implanted in Satan’s Lair and providing fair warning, it ain’t gonna happen. This isn’t a “showstopper”, it’s a Brick Wall. No way am I gonna buy anything that requires a “workaround” right out of the box (say what???). I can think of nothing more frustrating. Is Motorola competing with Microsoft’s patch Tuesdays in terms of Unbelievable Incompetence. Come on. This is 2020. You’re really asking people to buy technology and immediately employ a “workaround”? Really? Really??

For me this was a “how much do I talk on the phone” vs. “how much do I use the Google Assistant.” I realized I use the phone way more, and only really use the assistant when I’m in the car and I’ve got Android Auto running. Your results may differ, but I didn’t see this issue as a deal breaker. I understand some of the frustrations expressed above, but decided that I could live with this.


For anyone still having issues with this, the “workaround” that has worked for me is turning off the option to “handover to VoIP when appropriate” in the RW app. This can be found in advanced settings, see attached screenshot. Haven’t had a single dropped call in months since turning off that option, and I haven’t had to mess with or disable Google Assistant.

I’m going to try that.

You might want to blur out your phone number at the bottom of your post.

Good call, looks like someone already took care of that. Maybe it was you. Thank you.

Any update on this issue with Moto power?

Hi @jeffa.gvyadu,

I assure you that as soon as there is news, I will update this topic.

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