Moto G Power Model Numbers

The Republic phone store lists the Moto G Power model number XT2117-4 as a compatible phone. Is that model different from the XT2117? What does the “-4” signify as being different, if there is any difference between the models? Bottom line, are we looking at the same phone?

Hi @eagle.54 and welcome to the Community!

All recent Motorola G Power models are model XT2117-something. Whomever, and I suspect it’s Amazon, is listing the model as XT2117 is omitting the part of the model number after the dash.

The -4 signifies the phone is the U.S. factory unlocked variant that is Republic compatible. -something else would be something other than the U.S. factory unlocked variant and not Republic compatible.

The only way for us to answer the question would be for you to be willing to share the link to the phone at the venue you are shopping.


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