Moto G Power OS Update

Will the Moto G Power be updated to Android 11? I just purchased one and it has Android 10.

Probably, but I haven’t seen any announcement from Motorola on Android 11. Any Android 11 update details will probably pop up at at some point.


Android 11 was released by Google only 3 days ago. Motorola is notoriously slow with OS upgrades for their phones. I don’t expect anything until near the end of the year at earliest.

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Be lucky at aii to get it.

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I have a near-new Moto G Play, too. Unfortunately, the phones shown at your link do not include this model, and a statement indicates that phones not shown on their list will not get the latest software update.

Note that this discussion for the Moto G POWER not the Play

Traditionally Moto G line phones get one major OS update from Moto. The G7 Power was released on Android 9 and was updated to 10. From a timing perspective Android 10 started rolling out to the G7 Power on 9/7/2020. That means I would expect Android 11 for the G Power next summer or fall.

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