Moto G Power v Samsung Galaxy A21

How does the font size compare on the Moto G Power v. the Samsung Galaxy A21? The Moto G Power font size compared to my Moto Gs Play is smaller and that’s not good.

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That’s a very interesting question. If no one chimes in this afternoon, I’ll try to get you some side-by-side pictures.

Did you know you can change the font size on your Moto G Power? Open the Settings app and type “Font” in the search bar. Then tap “Font size” and make the adjustment.


  • To add to the response from @southpaw, I did a quick check on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and find that they provide the ability to change both the font size and style (thanks for asking).
  • I have found with the increasing number of user-adjustable settings, it is most often easiest to go into the Settings on your phone :settingsicon: and then search using the search

I have maxed out the font size and it is still about 50% smaller than my old phone – a Moto Gs Play.

I know the font size can be adjusted. My question is how do they compare in max font size? The Moto G Power 2020 max font size is far below the max font size of my old Moto GS Play, so I am returning it and considering another phone, possibly the Samsung A21. Thank you.

Another question: how to I deactivate my new phone (which will be returned) and re-activate my old phone? Thank you for your help in a very frustrating situation.

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Please know that even though you are seeing our responses in your e-mail and responding from your e-mail, the conversation is taking place in the public discussion you began in our Community at Moto G Power v Samsung Galaxy A21.

Thanks for verifying that you have adjusted the font size. Have you also adjusted the display size? Making both as large as possible may make the phone more usable for you. In the Settings app, search for the word “size” and then tap “Display Size” and make it larger just as you did the font size.

Did you buy the phone from Republic Wireless? If so, I’d like to have you work with our Help Team to facilitate the return and new purchase so that you don’t have to have any time without a phone.

You won’t deactivate the phone as a separate step. The act of activating the new phone with the same phone number you’re using now will deactivate the current phone. You could re-activate the Moto G Play, if you wanted to return the Moto G Power before making a new purchase.

I also want you to know that Samsung phones have a very different user interface, and if you are very used to Motorola phones, it can take some time to get used to them.

Hi @marilynj,

On the left is a screenshot of my first reply to you, on the Samsung A21 with both the font size and magnification as large as possible.

On the right is the same reply on my Moto G Power 2020, with both font size and display size as large as possible.

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Thank you so much for your help. However, the screenshots did not come through. Can you please re-send?

Hi @marilynj,

I cannot send them to your e-mail from the Community platform if your e-mail is blocking images. However, they are visible in the topic you created at Moto G Power v Samsung Galaxy A21 - #8 by southpaw

Got them - thanks! Big difference and I appreciate your taking the time for the excellent visuals!

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My mthr in law had a Samsung A21 or maybe A something.? It was a very basic phone. Yes, fonts were larger, but, the phone itself was disappointing. Low battery life, and no “notification” dots to let you know you have a text. Those were some things about the phone that bothered me. I have a moto g7 power, and like it, for the most part. However, often, people tell me they cannot hear me on a voice call. they say I sound very far away, or am whispering. Putting them on speaker phone helps. So, there is definitely some issue with the microphone, at least on mine and other’s that I know. Good luck with choosing a new phone.

Hi @celestia00,

Thanks for chiming in with some thoughts.

Is the little dot with a “1” on my Play Store app icon what you mean by notification dots?

That screenshot is taken from the A21, and the dots can be turned off or on in the phone’s setting menu at Settings > Notifications by turning on App Icon Badges.

My daughter reports that her A21’s battery needs charging about once a day under what she considers “normal” use. It’s not going to stretch into a couple of days like any of the Moto G Power series would, since their claim to fame is the time between charges.

Yes! On my mthr in law’s phone, there were none–in her settings, you could set it up, but it would not work. The dot…That’s a valuable thing, for me. :slight_smile:
So, if you had a text, you will have a little dot…but, maybe not a “number, too”. At least you will know to look for a text. When you have read all the texts, the dot will disappear. But, I really cannot remember if her phone was an A21, or a J7 or what it was…but, it was a rather cheap Samsung phone. I earlier had a Samsung S7, and I really disliked it! Very expensive, and the touch screen didn’t work well, and the battery life was horrible. After 8 months old, I had to charge after every 10-15 minutes of use! It was a real bothersome phone; and Samsung would not help me at all because it was 13 months old when I finally complained. So, you may want to ask the community if the A21 has notification dots and what the consensus is, the goods and the bad about that phone, before you change phones. I like my Moto 7 power, as the battery life is fantastic, and that is one of the most important aspects for me…

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