I wondered why what RW sells is the Moto G Power… and not the Moto G8 Power. As it turns out there are two models at least that’s what GSM Arena says

So just to be clear… the RW version is just the Moto G Power… and it does NOT have the Fast Charger. Is that correct? Can it use a fast charger?


I can’t answer everything you asked, but I do know that RW only uses the US factory unlocked phone models, and Moto is not selling the G8 Power in the US. I’m guessing 3rd party sellers may have it, but it’s probably lacking some US frequency bands, and in any case won’t be supported by RW.

Someone should come along here to answer the rest.

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Hi @robbs,

We support the Moto G Power. The model number is XT2041-4.

The battery specs on the Motorola website say “10 W rapid charging” and “10 W rapid charger”.

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Simple answer. The Moto G8 Power is not sold in the US by Motorola. Any you find here are “gray market” meaning imported without Motorola’s permission and without a US warranty.


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