Moto g power worst phone I've ever had. I've had phones since like 1998

-Phone blocks accessing it’s folders both on the phone and on the computer.
-Phone is overly long for no reason at all.
-phone is extra fragile

  • difficult to type on due to its lack in width.
  • no access to battery.
    -talking on it will trigger the touch screen to do whatever the phone wants like call people who you didn’t want to call.
  • difficult to turn off data and connect to wifi
    -finger print scanner, front camera, and built in multiple microphones allows you too feel you have a police station in your own home at all times.
  • difficult to access/close already open apps swiping up or sideways brings up multiple menues and other functions that you don’t want to open.
  • phone charger doesn’t match regular phone chargers.
    -moto phones from 5 years ago were better in every way.
  • authenticator app fails to authenticate when switching phones.
  • only actual buttons on the phone are a power button and a volume button that are oddly in opposite positions like power off button now in the middle of the phones side.
  • would of left reviews under the ■■■■ phone in the store but republic store doesnt allow you to review easily. Don’t buy moto g power.

Love mine!


Have had my Moto g power for just a week and love it.


Hi @prestonb,

Welcome to our Member Community! I’m sorry to see you’re disappointed in your new Moto G Power. Like some others here, I really like mine, and since I work at Republic, I’ve had a chance to try a lot of phones and have picked the Moto G Power as my personal phone. Every time I try another phone, I’m always glad to get back to my Moto G Power. I hope you are aware of our 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

I want to address some of the points you bought up, because they aren’t specific to the Moto G Power. You’ve described many things that are simply the nature of today’s phones. While you’ve owned phones since 1998, it sounds like perhaps you haven’t owned a new phone in quite a while, and there is a lot that’s different about newer phones.

The size and shape of the Moto G Power is consistent with other phones on the market. We include each phone’s dimensions in the phone specifications so that members can make informed buying choices.

The fingerprint scanner is a feature on many of today’s phones and using it is optional. If you don’t like it, simply disable it.

The front camera, likewise, is a feature most people want on today’s phones. It doesn’t monitor you.

The multiple microphones are also standard on today’s phones to provide clear call quality, reduce ambient noise, and manage audio echo. If you feel someone is monitoring you through the microphones at all times, you may not want to be a cell phone owner. I don’t know what phone you had previously, but I would guess it had more than one microphone.

The USB-C phone charger is the new standard. It “matches” other phone chargers on most phones released in the last 12-18 months. It’s an improvement over the USB-micro chargers because the plug fits into the port without requiring you to determine which way is up. (For those of us with older eyes, this is a welcome change!) Adapters are available that would allow you to convert your older chargers to USB-C. If you need a few, just let me know.

These sound like learning curve items that our members may be able to help you with, or that you’ll get used to over time. It’s not necessary to turn off data in order to connect to WiFi, and with prompts to sign into captive portals on newer Android versions, it’s easier than ever to connect to public WiFi networks. Plus the menu items available just at the top of the screen with a simple swipe-down make it super-easy to turn WiFi off and on. What kind of trouble are you having, exactly?

Large screens are indeed fragile. Have you bought a protective case? If not, how about if I send you the Wembley case by Gear4. It is advertised as having 10-foot drop protection.

You won’t need to “yank” the battery to reset the phone. If the phone locks up, pressing and holding the power button until it responds will provide the same reset functionality. Being able to replace a battery without a degree in electrical engineering was a nice feature, and a few of our newer phones do still offer user-replaceable batteries.
I don’t know why the manufacturer decided to change the location of the power and volume buttons, but it doesn’t take long to get used to them in the new location.

There have been a lot of improvements to newer phones. There may be subjective preferences that lead you to prefer an older phone, but the technical specifications would indicate that the newer phones are better phones in many ways.

This is not a function of the phone. but of the app, the behavior would be the same on any phone.

This is not a function of the phone, nor of our online store. Reviews are located on Trustpilot and we simply embed them on our site. Members who purchase a phone from our online store are invited to submit a review and provided a link to do so. It seems to be simple enough that over 3,000 people have managed to write reviews for us. Much like many of the things you mentioned about the phone, it’s not done just the way you want or expect it to be done, and that seems to determine whether or not you like it. We can’t design all technology to meet the expectations of all users, but we strive to make things as functional as possible for the majority of users.


This might help with that problem. I too don’t care for gesture navigation and prefer the 3 button way. See if this Republic document to switch from gesture to buttons is better for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the info on how to return to the toggle 3-button navigation. Somehow I missed it.

I’ve had my Moto G Power for quite a while now, and really like it. Wouldn’t even consider another phone unless it has the same battery life. It’s great to go a day or longer without worrying about charging the phone.


Do you work for the phone company?
My last moto phone from 5 years ago was better. Memory and speed was the same and I see no improvements at all. Ill reply again with the link to that post.

You still have to pay for features you don’t want. Regarding scanner, extra spy cameras, and useless applications. The applications and phone service relate to the phone.

As for new charger who made it the standard? It doesn’t work better and why does it even detach when phone doesn’t actually connect to computer. Useless and inexcessible.

There isn’t a learning curve phone is basic it’s 2 buttons that barely do anything. Data can activate randomly.

Some of my old phones could be dropped from a 2 story building without breaking. No case needed.

There could be issues where a yank would be nice. Also when battery fails the. I’d like to replace it. Extra post tells of my issue trying to buy a replacement.

It isn’t portable.
Doesn’t fit in pockets too long. Awkward to hold since it’s sooo thin.

When you talk on it your face activates applications. Etc

All the stupid phones right now look the same. I was going to return this one but they all the same. Some people should get sued for copywriting.

Perhaps you just need to go back to basics…


Is this Motorola phone supposed to receive 24 months of security updates? Since the phone was released on April 17, 2020, that means there are only 495 days of security updates left. Do they still provide them about every 90 days?

Southpaw is the best! If you want help you wont find better. Prestonb, a lot of issues you bring up are also Android 10. You can install a launcher like Nova to get the feel you want. Other than that you may be better served with an older phone. For that you can go to swappa and look for republic certified ones.

PS Southpaw i just ordered the Moto G Power and was loo king for the Wembley case by Gear4 but cant find it available near me! How can i get a hold of that?


Hi @prestonb,

I’m the Community Manager here at Republic Wireless. You can double-click my username to view my Community profile.

Your last phone would have had 1/4 the memory, half the RAM. There are a lot of other improvements as well if you compare the specs closely.

The new phone has the same number of “spy cameras” as your old phone. The Moto G Power has half the number of microphones as your old phone.

I’m not sure what you’re describing, but our Community could probably help you understand how to connect your phone to the computer and manage your data if you want assistance.

When I hold my G Power to my ear, the proximity sensor correctly turns off the screen so that my face does not interact with the touch screen. If I have the phone on “speaker phone” when I hold it to my ear, it does not. Give it a try without turning on “speaker phone”, which is meant for talking on the phone without holding it to your ear.

Possibly, under just the right circumstances. However, this is not going to be true for the Moto G Power, so I’ve offered you a free case to help you deal with this reality. Would you like the case I offered you, or would you like me to send it to @mineakey, who has expressed an interest in it?

Editing to add: 1/9/21 - having had no response from you on the case, I’m checking to see if mineakey still wants it.

My point here wasn’t to try to argue you into loving the phone, but to help you understand that the differences between your old phone and this new phone are not specific to the Moto G Power. You’ll find the same changes on any new phone. Bigger phones, USB-C data ports, Android 10, power buttons in new places… the manufacturers have to keep up with the demands of newer technology and provide the features the majority of phone owners want.


I will add that often times features and changes are made for very good reason, but I understand how frustrating it can be not knowing the reasoning behind these changes.

USB-C is a great example. The phone industry is not the only industry going to USB-C. Laptops now charge AND run things like video, networking, audio and more through USB-C. There’s also no need to try to plug it in the “right way” like with all your past phones.

And these are just a few examples. BTW, I can’t explain the switching of the power buttons, but you do eventually get used to it. Every once in a while I pick up my kids phone (my old one) and it throws me for a second or two, but I get right back into the swing of it and I don’t even think I notice when I go back to my phone again.
In fact, the same goes for a lot of these changes. And I always have a hard time with changes.


I joined in RW with the first Moto G 6 years ago, followed by Moto G4 and G7 Power I’ve had a little over a year now. I love G7 Power the best for its long battery life and a bigger screen; they’re the reasons I chose it.


The G Power is my third Moto phone. It’s the best one yet. Battery lasts a long, long time. Great camera, love the size, I’ve had no issues.


I can’t speak to all of your bullet points but I love mine. The battery power is great, key word power. Mine will last over 2 days without charging and for me, that’s the key. I have no issues connecting to wifi vs cell, no problems typing, LOVE the bio-access and far prefer the placement over my last moto, has a terrific camera-again far nicer than previous motos, turbo charger works great and with our other moto phones, crisp screen, good sound. I would love it more if it were lighter/thinner/smaller but the battery life outweighs that for me.


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something i notice today when charging my Moto G Power for the first time. It comes with a 10w charger that will not TURBO charge. I used my 15w Turbo charger from my g5 plus and it worked and said Turbo charging my device. Looks like it makes a difference of 30ish less mins to charge vs the 10w and it gets to 50% in around 30 mins vs the 10w i think it was an hour but that is observational not scientific.

I did like a few flip phones there was the razor and sidekick. Fact be u can type faster with keys then a lame do all touch screen. If anything the flip protected your screen.

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