Moto g randomly autopopulating text

My Moto G - 3rd gen recently started acting possessed! It seems to be responding to touch strokes that are not there. At times it is even when I am trying to enter my password after periods of no activity. I have not been able to figure out a trigger for this. Once it starts ghosting, it happens in every application. I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall the Republic Wireless App, but it has not resolved the issue. Any advice?

The most likely cause of this would be a failing digitizer (hardware problem) or an app running amok. If the problem goes away in Safe Mode then an app is causing this, if not your phone probably needs to be repaired.

Safe Mode

Before Motorola will repair your phone under warranty they will want you to factory reset it. They just need to know that the problem persists after a factory reset. Here is a link to their service site:,6720,9390/

Hi @kimberlyz.y0dprm,

I concur with @billg’s diagnosis as to likely cause. If Safe Mode doesn’t finger an app conflict, I do think Clearing the Cache is worth a shot before resorting to a Factory Reset.

If the issue does survive a factory reset and you purchased your Moto G3 directly from Republic less than a year ago, you also have the option of working with Republic support rather than Motorola if you prefer. Republic is often able to act as a proxy for Motorola regarding potential warranty issues. You may start a conversation with Republic support when signed into your account here: Republic Help.

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