Moto-G Screen is Mostly Black and Will Not Reboot

The phone (Moto-G) screen is mostly black with out the very top line of some info like time that is not up to-date, and the lower bar of buttons, but will not respond. The phone will not even reboot, and there is not anything on the screen shown such as “Power Off”. It is completely stuck and will not reboot even when pressing down the side buttons? Is there anything suggested to get this phone operational again?

Be careful about asking help. If they exchange your phone they will charge you for another phone.

Hi @erico.nbtphz

Try pressing and holding the power button for up to two minutes…(10-20 seconds should suffice).

From Motorola’s site: Reset my device - Moto G 4th Generation

The more information you provide us the better we can assess and recommend a course of action.

I’m really not sure why you suggest that @douglasb. The phone comes with a one year warranty from Motorola. RW will usually go out of their way to help customers with phone issues in my experience. If you would like to open another topic to discuss your experience please feel free to do so, but lets keep this thread focused on @erico.nbtphz 's issue.


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