Moto G speaker not functioning


The speaker phone on my Moto G suddenly stopped working. It wasn’t dropped or otherwise shocked. What could the problem be? Thanks.


Have you tried to turn on the volume on a call? Does your phone work for music or movies? What generation Moto G are you referring to?

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Well, for some reason–no doubt there’s a reason–the speaker started working as spontaneously as it stopped. I literally didn’t touch the phone between the time I set it down the last time I tried to use the speaker and the moment it sounded with a message and the speaker worked. Mysteries abound. Thanks for your reply, coreyk.


Hi coreyk and others,

The speaker is going in and out of functioning. Either all the speaker functions work, or none. There’s no sound from the speaker when it’s not functioning, though I can hear with my ear against the phone when I turn the speaker off. It’s Moto G 3rd generation. When the speaker isn’t working, the phone doesn’t work for videos or music. Any thoughts? Thanks.


Hi @penelopes

Please clear the Android systems cache and apps cache on your phone. Here is a link to the instructions:

If the problem persists, boot your phone into Safe Mode. Here is a link for Safe Mode:

Let us know if the problem persists in Safe Mode.


Hi Johnny5,

Clearing the cache didn’t solve the problem, and it persists in safe mode.
Thanks for your help.


Thanks for checking.

Does sound work if you use earbuds/headphones?


I don’t have any, but I plan to get them if the speaker does not begin to


Is it likely, or certain, that a headphone will work under these
circumstances? Is there anything else I can do? Is this a problem perhaps
of phone obsolescence?


In addition, as part of this problem, the phone doesn’t ring, and I don’t get message notifications or timer or calendar notices.


Hi @penelopes

If the speaker hardware has failed, headphones should still work. You can find a pair pretty inexpensively at the nearest Dollar-type store.

Phones do break over time. If they were made so tough nothing broke for the first five years, the phones would be so expensive no one would buy them.

You can try a factory data reset. This will wipe your phone. Please be aware if this is really a hardware failure, a factory reset won’t fix it.

Here is a link to the instructions for a factory data reset in case you decide to try:


Hi Johnny5,

Thanks for your reply. I figured it was a hardware failure so I just bought
a new phone (Moto E) from Republic.

I’m assuming I won’t be double-billed for service and can use my existing
sim card.

Thanks again,



The SIM from the G3 will not work in a new Moto E (3.0 Plan) … it will come from Republic with the proper SIM for the Carrier

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Hi @penelopes

You won’t be double-billed as long as you activate the new phone as a replacement for your old phone. You’ll select “Move (your number)” during activation.

If you order your phone from the Republic store it will come with the SIM you should use. As @jben said, the SIM in your older Moto G is not transferable.

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Thank you, Johnny5. I appreciate yours and others’ help.

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