Moto G Stylus 2021 or wait?

Hey all,
I just wanted to see from people that had a Moto G Stylus 2021 for a while now how the phone has been for you? I’ve been on a Moto G5S+ for a while and considering my options for an upgrade. Part of it, I’ve realized that sometimes I may speak in what I believe to be the standard position that the mic may not pick me up correctly so I sound a bit “far away” as some put it. But if I do the whole putting the mic directly in front of me almost like I have speaker mode on and I’m at a loud market, they hear me perfectly fine. Coming at the end of the month, I’ve had this for 3 years. This phone has served me well, but I think its time to get ready for something better.

The stylus version seems like my best bet, but I’m wondering if I should attempt to wait just to see if in the next few months if RW is gonna allow the Moto G Stylus 5G. Normally, my idea is purchase a phone, hope it works for 3-4 years and then the cost is basically divided well enough per year. Since the years would fall where I would think 5G would begin to stabilize in certain areas when not on WiFi, I figure it best to go 5G, but then the 5G Ace would be the current best bet (and yes, I know the 5G isn’t working yet according to the phone information), though it wouldn’t have the stylus which would mean a separate purchase and carrying that around. Also, I’d prefer not going overboard on the pricing which is why I am not looking at the S20 or S21 (though the Android Desktop feature does seem a little appealing from a tech enthusiast’s perspective).

So thoughts?

I’ve been happy with my Moto G Stylus 2021 since I bought it back in January. With the lockdowns and all, I’ve had lengthy phone calls, 45 minutes at a time, with no complaints from people I’ve called.

I guess I MIGHT have bought the 5G one if it were available to use here on RW, just to have the latest and greatest, but I don’t even buy data, so I’m not a good one to ask about the 5G thing. So I saved a lot of money there.

I never use the stylus. I have a Samsung tablet, and Samsung S-pens with the Wacom tech built into the screen have ruined all other styli for me. :joy: But all the other specs, plus the reasonable price, sold me on it. It’s very large (I’m one that actually wanted a very large display), and the screen is very attractive.

Hopefully some others will add their thoughts.


Thanks for this. I have also heard from a social network that they have had no issues with their phone and have enjoyed it for a while. Just wanting more confirmation.

But I will ask, since you don’t use the stylus, what do you do with it? Just leave it in the holster or just took it out and covered the slot?

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I just leave it in the slot that was made for it. I have no reason to remove it and cover the hole.

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Ah ok. Again thanks for the feedback!

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I bought a moto g stylus 2020 a month ago love battery lasts all day under heavy usage great features

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So I just wanted to do a quick update that should end this.

After a considerable amount of time, I decided to go instead for the Motorola One 5G Ace. Mainly because something came up and I figured NFC might be the better option for me that the stylus did not have. I can tell you for sure that after a small trip I made, I had to use it and it was a life saver. Thanks for all the feedback!

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That’s cool. I needed a phone 9 months ago, so I got the Stylus. If I was buying one today, I’d get the phone you got, now that it’s $100 off and the same price I paid for the Stylus back in January. Plus you have more RAM (and the aforementioned NFC) , which is always nice.

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ya, with the sale when I got it too, it was better than here and indeed, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage, I really couldn’t go wrong. Also put the SD Card in and keep going from there. I don’t get how reviews are done for the photos though because I took a couple of photos with the default app and while I know things like OpenCamera and CameraZoom FX were my defacto in the past for better picture quality on the same camera, on all 3, its just plain good. It shocks me more that its considered a “mid-range” given the quality since I was just looking for a bit better camera as well, but didn’t expect a massive improvement from the Moto G5S Plus’ camera beyond just MP.

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