Moto G Stylus 5g 6+256GB Cosmic Emerald

Is the Moto G Stylus 5g 6+256GB Cosmic Emerald compatible with Republic Wireless?

Hi @davidl.77v2kw and welcome to the Community!

The Moto G Stylus 5G is compatible with new Republic plans announced this past Tuesday. It is not compatible with earlier now grandfathered Republic plans.

For what it’s worth, Republic’s online store is now selling the 128 GB Moto G Stylus 5G in Cosmic Emerald. Buying the 256 GB variant elsewhere wouldn’t affect compatibility. If you buy elsewhere, however, you would need to purchase a plan (which comes with a SIM) at Republic’s online store:

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OK, Thank you for that answer. I am looking to get a Moto G Stylus 5g 6+256GB Cosmic Emerald. My wife presently has a Moto G Fast and we have an older grandfathered plan. So I have 2 questions:

  1. It seems that from your answer the Moto G Stylus 5g 6+256GB Cosmic Emerald will work with a NEW plan, correct? and
  2. Will my wife’s Moto G Fast work with that NEW plan?
    Thank you!

You are correct, sir!

Yes, the Moto G Fast is on Republic’s list of phones certified for bring your own on 5.0 plans.

You’re most welcome! Please let us know if you have other questions.

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