Moto G Stylus or Samsung Galaxy a11

My port has died on my moto G play and I am looking at the Moto G Stylus or the Samsung Galaxy a11. I’m feeling a little burned by Motorola because I don’t use my phone frequently and the port stopped charging after only 3 years (yes, I tried a new cable). I’m looking at the aforementioned phones because of cost. What would people here recommend? Is Samsung more reliable than Motorola?

Hi @mahinan.besrsw,

I’m sorry no one has responded with advice on this matter.

I’m afraid for any phone in the price range you are looking at, 2-3 years is considered a “normal” lifespan. So I wouldn’t expect any brand of phone to last considerably longer than that.

If you’ve used mostly Motorola phones in the past, you’ll have a bit of a learning curve moving to Samsung, because they have a lot of their own software built into the operating system.

Both of the phones you are considering have the newer USB-C port for charging, which is more likely to last longer than the USB-micro, just because it is much easier to plug in the charger - no more guessing which way is “up”.

Thank you for the feedback. I am sticking with Motorola and have selected the Moto G7 Power which does have the USB C plug. It was between that and the Moto G Power or the Moto G Fast. I couldn’t decide which was the best bank for the buck and finally just had to pick one. You always have buyers remorse! I really appreciate your comment.

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