Moto G Stylus problems everyday

I have a Moto G that is freezing, rebooting on its on. this and more have happen since the last download my phone is less than two years old… If anyone can help I will be waiting. Also I read some questions and the answers are lock. that’s not helpful at all. I’m new to the community and did find the answers however none helped.

Hi @vernon7,

(I moved your post to the “Problem Solving” area for you)

Try safe mode as a test:

Do you have a SD card installed? Try turning off the phone, remove it, power the phone on… and see if it makes a difference. :thinking:

Hi @vernon,

I’m not sure what this means. Are you unable to read the answers to the topics or are you unable to reply on the topics?

Once a topic gets pretty old, it is locked because if you’re having a similar problem we’d rather have you open a new topic than reply to someone who posted so long ago that they may not even be a member anymore.

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