Moto G to Pixel 4a - can't activate WHATSAPP because VOIP?

What phone do you have? Pixel 4a

What plan are you on? Talk and text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk and text

Issue Description

WHATSAPP QUESTION. Recently switched from old Moto G (2014) to Google Pixel 4a. Same service from Republic all this time (talk/text/wifi/no data). Same phone number. Bought SIM to activate Pixel 4a. Activated new phone fine. Again, same plan, same number. Go to activate WHATSAPP - failed (various reasons given). WHATSAPP tech telling me "invalid phone #, be sure you have active SIM". Phone works fine - talk, sms, etc working fine. Republic telling me WHATSAPP no longer activates VOIP service?

Original Moto G didn’t have SIM but was working fine with WHATSAPP until I activated the new Pixel 4a.

Republic is VOIP and WHATSAPP doesn’t activate this type service. How many millions would/does this affect?


WhatsApp no longer completes verification with VoIP numbers (well, sort of…my Google Voice number still verifies).

As do multiple household Republic numbers for me. I understand WhatsApp’s policy position, however, they don’t seem particularly consistent about said policy position.

WHATSAPP - “Please note that you will not be able to activate any VoIP numbers.** You must have an active SIM card for the number you are trying to activate”.

I HAVE AN ACTIVE SIM CARD FOR THE NUMBER I’M TRYING TO ACTIVATE. I spent $10 to buy the SIM from Republic and another $20 month now for service with no data or WHATSAPP! I’ve e-mailed this info + screencaps proving monthly bill/SIM purchase to WHATSAPP and they keep replying with the same automated message.

Google Voice does verify, but then I’m having to use a different number.

Yes, however, there’s more to the story behind Republic’s service. Republic’s service blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of with one of two cellular network partners (T-Mobile or Sprint). VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service.

WhatsApp’s hangup is Republic numbers are housed on Bandwidth’s VoIP network. You’re correct in that your Republic number is firmly attached to your SIM, however, all WhatsApp sees is the VoIP part. WhatsApp has the choice of looking past that but that’s up to them.

There’s a grand irony here as Google Voice numbers are also housed on Bandwidth’s VoIP network. I suppose one might ask the folks at WhatsApp why they accept Google Voice numbers as those are in no way attached to a SIM.

WhatsApp didn’t seem to mind me using the VOIP a few days ago or for the last 5 years on the old Moto G. The minute I activated the new Pixel 4a… with the SAME NUMBER… I’m done for. How do you get the WhatsApp chat history back if you can’t access the original account? Google drive backs up to original number only I believe.

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