Moto G voice texting

anybody figure out a way to text by voice using a 3rd Gen MotoG?

Try a long-press on the Home button. When you have a mike say “Text Joe Blow Mobile” or whatever.

Thanks, but I am more concerned with incoming. the MotoG3 does not have the assist that the motoX had. aftermarket apps so far, have not worked, or they want total access to your text.

A long press on the Home button invokes the new Google Assistant. I don’t have a Moto G (Any Gen) but I know this works on the Moto X (1st & 2nd) and on my S7. It works much batter than Motorola Assist did.

I didn’t go out of my way to install Google assistant. One day it just appeared on my phone. I didn’t even know how to invoke it until I read about the long press in another thread. A few days later the old Google search feature magically disappeared from the top of my Home screen.

You sure you got Google Assistant on your X1 and X2? It wasn’t released for 5.x phones (only 6.x or 7.x). That’s more likely Google On Tap.

That could be. It does have a different splash screen but seems to work the same.

There are a lot of similarities, but also differences: The difference between Google Now and Google Assistant - CNET

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