Moto g working........ but the 4g wont


i have a moto g, and at home it will connect with wifi to make and receive calls.from home.
i just purchased a moto 4g, from amazon.
the problem is that the moto 4g will not connect with wifi to make or receive calls from home.
what’s up with that?

ps with the 4g i have no wifi, but the moto g will connect with wifi



Hi @damonj

Please review the troubleshooting section of this document…
Make and Receive a Phone Call – Republic Help

Let us know if that helps.



Hi @damonj,

Are the two phones you are comparing a Moto G (1st Gen) and a Moto G4? Is it a G4+, or G4 Play, or just the G4?

Can you describe what steps you have taken and what the failure looks like? Is there any error message or additional information that might help?

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