MOTO G -XT1031 Data option ($10 plan)

I have the above phone which I’ve had about 6 years and have it activated for just voice and text ($10 a month). Three or four years ago I briefly switched to a data plan while on a trip, then switched back after I got home. Today I wanted to do the same. When I open the Republic app and choose “change plan” it just goes to a blank screen and stays there. Is that option no longer available on the $10 plan?

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It sounds like the Republic app needs to have its cache cleared then maybe a restart of the phone just to add good measure.

I don’t have one of the old legacy phone to guide me but you need to go to the phones settings, then apps and find the Republic app. From there you should be able to clear it’s cache and data. Then a restart.

Please let the Community know if it helps :smiley:

I cleared the cache and restarted the phone and the problem is the same. I took a screenshot of the screen it goes to when I click on “change plan”. By your reply, I’m assuming that my old Moto G on the $10 plan still qualifies for a data plan if I want it? Here’s the pic: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I wonder if the out of date web browser CAs is causing the issue. The app might rely on pulling up a web page to perform the action.

Are the RW and Chrome apps are up to date on your phone?

Else, I thought there was an unofficial link to change your plan without using your phone but that might been removed a long time ago.

The unofficial link for the legacy phones is
@miqie does that work for you (from a computer)?

If not, and if your need for data is time-sensitive, please open a ticket. Our Help Team can change your plan at your request. You’l just need to be very clear that you’re not asking how to do it, because you understand but your phone isn’t loading the page. That you’re asking them to do it for you.

(If I had to guess, I would suspect your phone doesn’t have enough available memory to load the page in the app.)


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