Moto G (XT1031)

I have an old Moto G XT1031 which was active on the original republic plans. I’ve already upgraded to a new phone on the new plans. But I have not done anything with the moto g, it is in it’s original state as a phone, haven’t factory reset it.

I was hoping to use the Moto G as just a wifi device. Can I do that? I’ve taken the back cover off and was going to remove the sim card, but I don’t see a sim card.

Can I just factory reset the moto g and then just use it as wifi device?

I don’t want to mess up my current phone and plan with Republic.

The Factory Reset of your old device will not have any effect on your current Active device. As the Republic App will still be present (can’t be totally removed), you can continue to use it as a WiFi device and it will be ready to be activate it, if your new phone should die/get lost or stolen.

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Hi @roberth.46b92g,

If you don’t want the phone to waste battery resources trying to connect to a cell tower, simply put the phone in Airplane mode, then re-enable WiFi.

That phone has fairly limited available memory, and is stuck on Android 5.1. What kind of WiFi use do you have in mind?

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I was thinking I could just repurpose it as a device for a kid to be able to check email, play games, internet access, music, etc.

I know it won’t be fast because it’s an old phone with limited memory and space.

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Thanks @roberth.46b92g,

That sounds workable, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t planning to manage a home security system or something a little more essential with it! :relieved:

Would you like a new case to freshen it up a bit and help protect it? I have some overstock Otterbox Defenders and Ottertox Commuter cases for that model, as well as a few of the Motorola “flip” cases.

If you’d like one (no charge!) DM me (hover your mouse over my username and click “message”) and we can discuss color options and shipping details privately.


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