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I want to update my Motorola defy xt to Mot G xt1607 will I still have Sprint as backup and can I keep my 20 dollar plan.

If Sprint has the better coverage you should be ship a phone set up for Sprint (CDMA)

all 3.0 phone will need to be on a 3.0 plan (vs your current Beta Plan which is only on Beta phones)

No Contract Cell Phone Plans without the hidden fees | Republic Wireless

if you are not a high data user (under 1 GB) you will find the bill about the same

If you want the Sprint/CDMA coverage, you need to order the new phone from Republic Wireless.

For now, this is automatically determined by RW at the time of purchase…but if you have good Sprint coverage

and poor GSM coverage in your area then you will most likely get a Sprint/CDMA phone.

See here for additional details

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

As @drm186 noted above, you will not be able to use the same plan. You will need to pick

a new plan starting at $15/mo.

Also, your old Defy XT, once deactivated, cannot be reactivated.

If you are hoping to hold on to that phone for an extra line of service, you can activate your new

phone as a new line of service and then swap phone numbers…so you have an extra line of

service on the Defy XT.

I would point out that model XT1607 is actually the Moto G4 Play not available for sale at Republic’s online store until January 18th. Given that Republic is shipping some Moto G4s with CDMA coverage; it seems likely the G4 Play will as well, however, we’ll need to wait until sometime after the 18th for reports of anyone having received one.

giving that Republic is listing CDMA compatibility in it tech Specs (along with the other phones that they have shipped out also now list the CDMA compatibility) I do believe Republic will be including this phone in the soft launch (note the Samsung 7 series is not listed as CDMA compatibility at this time)

I’m really not arguing the point and your logic is impeccable. I just prefer to wait for that which I’m able to confirm before saying so definitively. I’m able to do so for the Moto X Pure, Moto G4, Moto G4 PLUS, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P from my own personal experience or the experience of others known to me. I would expect to be able to do so for the Moto G4 Play shortly after the 18th but since we’re not there yet, I’ll hedge for now and stick to likely.

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