Moto G1 defaults to dialer after entering screen lock pin#


I would like to go directly to home screen instead of dialer


Try this… open the Android settings, scroll down to Device > Home. Tap Home to open, make sure Launcher is selected.


I check both a Moto G3 and Moto X Pure
Neither have ‘Home’ under Device and both always appear to default to the screen used last.
It looks like ‘they’ assume if you used it to phone last that is what you will want to do next

  • Proposed fix … When finished on a call hang up and hit the Home button (also helps prevent pocket dials)


I happen to have a G1 here at my desk. Settings > Device > Home is a valid destination on this phone (Android v5.1). In any event, returning to the Home screen when finished with a call or other app is a good habit and could help ensure the Home screen is what is seen when waking the screen up.


Settings > Device > Home. contains an Android Launcher icon that is selected. My wife has the identical Moto G1 but does not have >Home. Also I can no longer delete my Screen Lock. " Disabled by Administrator or Credential Storage" I’ve been working on these issues on and off for two weeks, I’m frustrated. Perhaps a complete phone reset is in my future.

Thank you, beachb and jben for taking the time to reply


Hi @tracyw,

Sorry to see that this has frustrated you. Did you factory reset the phone? I think the issues you’re facing can be resolved without doing so.

This is a message you’ll usually see when the phone is configured to use a certain app for security purposes. You can view the apps that behave as “administrator” and disable them in Settings > Security > Device administrators.

On my phone, when locked, if I swipe from the bottom up, the phone unlocks to the home screen. If I swipe from left to right, it unlocks to the dialer. If I swipe from right to left, it unlocks to the camera.


Thank you so very much I appreciate you helping me get to that eureka moment when IT WORKED!! I laughed out loud.


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