Moto G1 reset passcode

What phone do you have? Original MotoG

What plan are you on? Need to reactivate

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Need to reactivate

Issue Description

Original MotoG1. Purchased from Republic and activated. Wife had a problem and called Republic who she says did something to change the passcode. How do I reset the passcode so that I can reactivate phone for use on Republic?

What passcode are you referring to? Republic has no ability to change the passcode/PIN to get in to the phone itself. Is that what you’re referring to?

Or perhaps you’re referring to the passcode used to sign-in to your Republic account? If so, that can be reset using the link here:

I understand. Somehow my wife reset the passcode to the phone itself unknowingly when online trying to get support. How do I reset the phone to remove the passcode?

Unfortunately the only way to do that is with an “external reset” following the appropriate directions here: How to Factory Reset Your Phone Note that you’ll need to sign-in to the phone, using the same Google credentials that are on the phone prior to the reset.

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