Moto G1 vs G3 -Legacy phones


Is there really any big advantage of upgrading from the 1st gen G1 to the 3rd Gen G3 legacy phone?

My mother has the 1st gen Moto G…she likes it, small and compact, even with a thick otter box commuter case on it.
But its getting slow now, and the cam kinda sucks…
She wants to stay on the 2.0 plan…so have to stick to the “Legacy” models.

I see some folks selling the Moto G3 on Swappa…tempting.
I have to wonder if it gets worse battery cause it has LTE radio instead of just 3G radio.

Anyone here go form the G1 to G3? Thoughts?

Spec compare:

The G3 would be the 2nd to the best Legacy phone, the best being Moto X2.
The X2, interestingly is lighter and a tiny bit smaller, though larger lcd.


Well, I think it is an upgrade. Bigger screen, better processor, better battery, better camera. In order to stay on the 2.0 plan there really isn’t much of an option other than a X2.

I only see one listing on Swappa and they want $150…ouch. I have a lightly used one I keep as an emergency backup. My Father also uses the G3 and he’s been thinking of upgrading lately.

Haven’t looked on Ebay, might be worth looking there as well if you decide to go that route.

(I should have mentioned I have used all three at one point or another. The X2 was best of course, but the G3 is a solid budget phone for it’s time. The G1 (especially the 8GB version) was, well… :neutral_face:)


yea. the new posting for $150 is ridiculous. Look at the sales history going back 1yr. Highest sale price was $130.

There was other postings the last I looked, cheaper…already sold though.


The “legacy” phones since they are getting to be “rare”…i guess that means folks think to sell them at far to high a cost then they are worth.


I wouldn’t pay that much for a G3 since it is such an old phone. The camera and processor would be better but you still have the small amount of RAM.

I currently own the Moto G1 and while it can get slow at times, it is still a solid phone. Have you tried working with the phone like disabling apps, clearing cache, backing up photos, etc? I found disabling some apps can help clear some storage space especially the Google and Street View apps. I also use the Google Go app for quick searches and the weather and it is amazingly fast. I target at least 1 GB of free space after clearing the cache and find the phone to be unbearable if you only have 0.5 GB of free space.

For the camera, I downloaded a modified version of the Motorola camera app from XDA. With the mods, you can turn off the image compression, which helps improve picture quality. I also think it focuses better with the mod.


My mother constantly fills up the memory with pictures.
She uses OpenCamera app, as she has to have the date and time stamp on the raw photo.
No stock camera app does that.
Only other apps on the phone are Google, Chrome, Maps, Weather Underground, and the Swann DVR app to view her parents CCTV cams at their home.

Any yes, I was thinking of posting a comment on that listing saying its way to high, and give the relevant proofs, and offer say $100. But people often start very high. Also, Swappa do not like people posting “price police” type comments.

And people will pay that high amount for it if they value it so. I have a buddy who is a pro seller on ebay for tech and small engine parts. People buy worthless things from him for high cos tall the time. He recently sold a partiality broken Samsung Note 2 for $200.


Value is whatever people are willing to pay.

A “Refund” phone’s service is $5+tax per month cheaper than 3.0+, plus a bit cheaper still for any light data user. (E.g. 100MB is $1.50, which is $3.50 less than under 3.0+)
So if you’re cost-sensitive, I’d say that the price to pay depends on how long it would last, plus how much data you use, plus the effective monthly cost of the alternative phone you’d buy.

My wife has the G3. Never had the G1.

For our purposes the key change from the G1 to the G3 was that the G3 added an SD card slot. Essential because my wife has a lot of music.

G3 is a bit faster than the G1.
Here’s an example speed test comparison between G1, G2 and G3


The high water resistance of the G3 is huge advantage. My sister would literally wash hers with soap and water and it still works today.


I ended up watching several models on Swappa and ebay.
But the trend of charging a ridiculous amount for those old models continues.
I even saw a New In Box, Moto R.W. G3 on ebay, for $160, but, a phone sitting in box since it was manufactured 4yrs ago, the battery would be completely dead and stale, which, when that happens, due to non use, it severely kills the overall batteries lifespan.

Makes zero logical sense to pay that much money for such a old device, with outdated, obsolete hardware and software, and battery that is past its rated lifetime. The Nexus 5X, still a top end phone with excellent camera and modern hardware, even by todays standards, usb c, and Android 8.1, only about $100.

Anyway, a seller on Swappa posted a great deal on a Moto E4 that I coudn’t pass up, that they state they purchased from R.W, coincidentally. Though, I missed the free 1 month promo for the BYOP SIM thing…so my mother is less interested in upgrading now from her G1. Once another promo comes along in the future, at least i’ll have the device ready.