Moto G2 Flash Rom for RW?

So I’m in the 2.0 plans still which I love to death but my phone is starting to act up and cause problems (surprised it made it all these years honestly with how dirty my job is) but since you can’t buy G2s new anymore I was curious if you can flash the RW rom to a normal G2 or if it’s a physical change to the phone?

I would upgrade phones to a better model but honestly it’s not worth paying an extra $7 a month for the same service I get for $13 a month on the 2.0 plans. I don’t use more than 100mb of data (usually only gps/weather apps) but I was hoping maybe newer plans would come out for those users who the current plans fail to attract but doesn’t look like anything new is coming.

Sorry No. The G2 is a legacy phone with a specially made rom and isn’t transferable. You may find a used RW G2 somewhere but you still need to put a new battery in it more than likely.

Hi @theriane,

Republic has never supported the Moto G2. The ROMs for legacy phones we do support are not available for flashing.


I think this is a G1 or G3 and the OP has a typo while not having the correct G model.

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