Moto G3 broken screen and getting into the app drawer

So about to replace this phone the screen broke, it is partially usable. In order to backup/transfer different data I need to get into the app drawer but that area of the screen isn’t working, is there another way to get into the app drawer other then the button in the middle bottom of the screen? (in the favorites tray)


What happens if you swipe up from the bottom?


Is there a certain area to swipe up? I don’t recall swiping up ever doing anything pre broken screen.

It depends on the launcher you’re using. It was a SWAG.

Can you open settings and scroll down to apps that way?


I can do that but it doesn’t open the app, it brings me to a screen to uninstall the app

You’re in the Play Store. Got to Settings and choose “apps and notifications.” Find the app. The “open” option is in the upper left.

@ceedee mentioned the Play store.
If you can open the play store, you can find your app there, even if having to search for it first, which is at the top of your screen and open it from there.