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Issue Description

Moto G3 stopped sounding the ring tone and vibrating on incoming calls on Apr 23, 2018. Have tried all the suggestions already posted.

Hi @wdh.gdk3tg,

You wrote:

Could you let us know specifically what you’ve tried? We could overlook something basic if we assume you’ve seen all the same things we’ve seen.

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I appreciate getting a response but I don’t need help with the routine or the obvious. Is there a known issue with the phone or the last OS update? Thank you.

Hi @wdh.gdk3tg

So we can safely assume you have have tried running the phone in Safe Mode and have performed the Clear Cache procedure, and refreshed the Republic credentials via the VOIP procedure?.

I have a G3 that is not activated, so I am not aware of any recent updates.

Hi @wdh.gdk3tg,

No. there is not.

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