Moto G3 camera is not focusing properly in Wells FArgo check deposit app


New Moto G3 camera is not focusing properly in Wells Fargo check deposit app. It snaps photo immediately instead of waiting for proper framing and focus. Bank cannot read check details most times.

My moto g always worked flawlessly with this app, would not take photo until aligned and focused.




Try downloading a different camera app and see if it’s any better.

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I don’t have the Moto G (3rd Gen) but when I take a picture of a check with my bank’s app it doesn’t snap the picture until I tap the screen. I don’t tap the screen until the check is framed and in focus. On my S7 I tap the screen or the volume-up button. Could this be a problem with your bank’s app?

Using the camera - Moto G 3rd Generation



You might try clearing the cache for the camera app. To do this go to Settings->Apps and find the camera app in the list. Click on it and tap the option to clear the cache. It’s a little bit down the page on the right.

Well, I just looked at that in my phone and the camera app doesn’t show that it has a cache.

However I have a different version of Android so that may not be the case with your phone. If there is no cache clearing option try disabling the app. It will give you all manner of dire warnings. Ignore them with impunity. After it is disabled go up one level to where all the apps are listed and swipe over to the Disabled list of apps and re-enable it. If there was a problem with an upgrade to the camera it will now be back in its original state. If it works you are good to go. If it doesn’t then it may be time to ask the app vendor if this is a known issue with your phone.




Is there a protective screen on the camera, Moto has been known to have that issue.

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Thanks all, for your input.

I went to the Wells Fargo app reviews in play store and on the first page was 3 complaints of camera snapping photo too quickly while unfocused and out of position. Apparently this happened due to a WF update to their app, I suppose they will fix it soon. Too bad I don’t have more checks to deposit!


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