Moto G3 front LED won't shut off!


Moto G3 front LED (hidden behind speaker) glows most of the time with random intensity. It goes off occasionally, but its behavior is erratic and is annoying. I’m also concerned about draining the battery. Please tell me how to shut it off for good.


Hi @michaelm.qlhmdd

Usually that led notification is to show the battery is too depleted to power on the screen. That said, a Google search turned up this…

Strange Led light above screen moto g 3g - Lenovo Community

I am guessing your phone is not rooted?.


No, not rooted.



This elusive LED light has been hiding in plain sight the whole time. As programmed by Motorola, we are only supposed to see this alien-like green LED come on when the device is so extremely low on battery that it can’t even power up the screen to show you the “low battery” symbol. That is a pretty boring use for a notification light that looks so cool, so a thread popped up on figuring out how to harness this power.

I googled this for you. If you see the light charge the phone or it will be shutting off.

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Phone in general is functioning normally, battery power has not yet been an issue.

It is a G3, the light is not green but white.



That light should not be activated unless the phone is rooted by like Cyanogenmod OS.

Have you rooted that phone somehow?

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No, not rooted.


I have this same problem. With phone off and unplugged the LED on the speaker is on. How do I turn it off? I haven’t changed anythign on the phone, Moto G 3rd.


your going to have to contact Motorola as this is likely a hardware failure as the only time that light should be on is when one plugs in to a charger and the battery is too low to light up the screen


The little LED on my phone continues to flicker to this day. Never found any resolution. No issues with battery life, and not even annoying anymore. Good luck with yours.


A few days later the light went out on its own. Phone still working fine.


Did anyone solve this problem? This is happening with my Moto G3. I covered the speaker slot with a sliver of black paper. Not a real solution, I know. :black_large_square: