Moto G3 Just Started Slow texts nothing has changed


What phone do you have? MOTO G3
What plan are you on? $10
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk and Text

Issue Description

In the last week my phone has started to send texts very slowly, we are talking at the rate of 20-30 min lag before it is received. When texting teens and family members concerning immediate needs this is disconcerting!

I’ve cleared my cache, turned off my phone, looked at your trouble shooting guide. 1. Running replic 4.3 app and it says I’m up to date.
2. Not a recently transferred number.
3. using only 7 digits? no same kids numbers I’ve been using 10 digit
4. Not a previous iphone user (EVER- yuck)
5. Unsupported short code-- nope not problem
6. Supported messaging app My question concerning that is this is a republic phone shouldn’t the messaging app included be sufficient? I bought it from you? Doesn’t make sense, because it was working for a full year! Has there been a change? Our other 2 moto e’s are not having this issue, just me with the “better” phone. I could try the new app but don’t want to fuss with new app just yet. I am also wondering if adware could have been an issue, cause I downloaded and then uninstalled an app that was way too much (I also cleared cache and cleared the data from storage used SD maid pro as well )
7 Connected to wifi most of the time! I’m not concerned about the picture messaging.

None of you trouble shooting guide really answers why so long of a delay, when I am sitting in my house on wifi with cell service too and the message takes 20 minutes to deliver. So if it is the messaging app when did it change? It defies the logic loop of working for a full year and now not. BTW we are not having issues with our wifi. ( high speed internet)



Well from your excellent write-up we know a lot of things that it isn’t :slight_smile: So I would suggest the following:

  • Boot up in Safe Mode … hold Power button til the Power off appears then Long press to get the ‘Reboot to Safe mode’ screen … this will run you without loading any 3rd party apps and help rule them out as a cause.
  • If it still fails, then turn off WiFi and see if it fails in Cell
    • If it is ok in Cell mode then look to your router for the cause, the particular MAC address for the G3 could have problems and I would start with a Power Cycle of your network


Booted into safe mode. Sent texts to daughter both in wifi-- passed and in Cell- passed. So somewhere on phone must be an issue. I’ll have to hunt through the apps and the cache to track it. Perhaps too many processes running? Hmmm . . . thanks for your help now I have a starting point.



Usually it is an app that has been downloaded or updated around the time that the problem is noticed. In the App Store/My apps & games you can sort by Last updated in the :menu:



It was mainly an issue with the messaging apps cache, or the app itself as I disabled and reinstated it. I Did not have to delete any apps, nor caused by update. I’ve gotten wiser over the years. I don’t allow auto update of my apps. Many thanks!



Hi @markg.goyjub
See what the community does? It gives useless knowledge till it becomes useful. Good to see you figured it out. Have a great day!

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