Moto G3: Needs a Wifi Scheduler That Works With RW


Essentially I’m only on wifi from 5pm to 5am and 12:00pm to 1pm M-F. When I’m not on wifi my Moto G3 wastes 40-50% of my battery trying to “find” a signal that it will never find. I wanted to use a wifi scheduler app but the few I have tried appears RW blocks them and if I manually disable wifi to save power RW randomly turns it back on for me. I’m hoping an app works as RW doesn’t seem to supply you with the means to do it.



What phone model do you have?

If it is one of the old Legacy phones that have the custom RW rom on it, (Moto X 1,X2, G1, G3, E1, E2)those were well equipped to auto re-enable wifi at the system level.

See supported phones

If you have a newer 3.0 phone, I could suggest Macrodroid or Tasker.
RW does not block anything when it comes to automation apps.


That really shouldn’t be. I spend my days in a wifi free environment and my phone doesn’t even register wifi searching in the battery usage list. WiFi searching is a very low battery activity and should barely register. How is this searching showing in your battery usage stats?


Go Settings --> Wifi --> tap on the the 3 vertical dots and select Advance WiFi.

If Network/WiFi Notification and/or Scanning Always Available is toggled on, toggle them off. This should stop the constant searching for an available WiFi signal.


Thanks, I checked and both are disabled.

Well when I’m at the house I drop 10-15% battery life daily with minimal use of my phone (constant wifi signal), at work I lose up to 60% while I’m there (8-10 hours). Installed a power usage app and it’s showing my wifi sucking up most of the juice. I’m usually at 35% or so when I head to bed. Yesterday (stayed home all day) and my battery was at 92% at the end of the day. All I can do is use the information given to me…if it’s for some reason not the issue I will know by next Wednesday. I thought it might cell tower searching but for my job there is only one tower in my area so it’s not searching either.


Is it possible that your cell signal is weaker at work? A poor cell signal is far more likely to drain battery than wi-fi scanning.


Could be, I finally found a program that is persistent and RW wont over ride, I will test it for a few days and after that I will have more data to figure if it’s the issue or not. It even toggles my bluetooth which is pretty awesome since I only need it enabled from 5pm to 6pm and 7am to 8am everyday.


Well first day…phone off charger at 6am, it’s currently 7:20pm…21% battery used today…wifi profile booted on and off during times I’m normally at a wifi connect and when I wasn’t…looks like it was definitely part of the issue.

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