Moto G3 no/poor cell service


What phone do you have?

Moto G3 (Republic Moto G3 since October 2015. also Republic Moto E1 since October 2014. )
Talk, Text, 0.5GB Data

Moto G3 is getting poor or no cell service for calls or texts. Often returns home and gets on wifi and then receives some texts and messages.
Moto E1 can get reception. Not noticing the same problems. Had an incident where I took a call on the E1 from somebody who was trying to contact the G3 user.
If I disable WiFi on our phones at home I can text from the E1 to the G3 and vice versa.
We’re in Waterville in Central Maine and have been here all the time we’ve had the service.
G3 has general not been as good for reception as the E1, but has not been this bad.

An antenna check showing a very poor signal at home (Network Cell Info Lite shows -113dBm on the G3, -98dBm on my Moto E1)
The Moto G3 also has occasional SIM card errors.


The Moto E (1st Gen) only supports 3G, while the Moto G(3rd Gen) with the proper RW SIM supports 4G.
You may be seeing the difference because you are actually comparing different connections/towers.

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Hi @colinw.a94wc6,

Has this issue with the Moto G3 persisted?


Haven’t been out much that the problem would be so noticeable.
So, you can close and I’lll post again if it happens again.


Thanks for the update @colinw.a94wc6.

I’ve moved the topic to our “Discussions” area. If the issue comes back, let us know you’re ready to troubleshoot some more and we’ll move the topic back to our “problem solving” area.

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