Moto G3 not always getting texts

I’m a little late to the party but I had the same phantom text issues on my G2 and G3 a few years ago. SMS images were always iffy and the probability of a text being sent or received was inversely proportional to the importance of it (i.e. important ones would frequently go missing, trivial ones always went through).

There were other nuisance issues that pushed me over the edge and I–rather begrudgingly–upgraded to a G6. It’s not without its flaws but texting has been significantly more reliable since making the switch. The one exception has been group SMS with my cousin’s wife–she’s absolutely not able to see my replies to a group SMS but I can always see hers. Group SMS with my sons seem to work reliably–they’re both on Republic with Moto G(something) phones.

As far as coverage goes, look into GMS vs. CDMA. I just switched my G6 from GMS to CDMA and it’s made a noticeable difference in my reception in some places, including my office where I had to keep it plugged in all day because of the constant battery drain from searching for a tower.

Good luck with the new phones!

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Thanks for the well wishes!

I’ll research this a bit. I would say that usually our phones do what we need them to do (we have 5 with Republic!!) but there are certain places where we lose coverage even though the map shows that we should have it. Sometimes it’s literally one side of the street has it and the other doesn’t!! But so far it’s not been annoying enough to make changes.

I’m wondering if your G3 issue is related to this one

Hmmm. I don’t know. It seems like they are getting shortened versions of the text, whereas we aren’t getting the text at all. Could be the same disease somewhere in the background, but the symptoms are a little different. Technology - wonderful and confusing all at the same time!

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