Moto G3 Sim card issues

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I am just now getting this issue with my phone. The SIM card seems to have ceased working, as I can no longer make calls or texts. When I check the republic app, it says the phone is’t activated, despite working properly for the past two years with no issue. Also, the screen lock no longer works, the pulldown menu doesn’t pull down, and once an app has been opened, it cannot be exited using the home button, the entire phone has to be rebooted. I have no idea what caused the issue, as it has been working properly all day.

I would first try Clear Cache.

And check that you have all system updates and the R.W app is up to date.
Also, Refresh the Activation.

It’s possible the SIM is damaged/died. This can happen when exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Have you tried reseating the SIM?

If all the suggestions give have not solved the problem. Please open a ticket and request a SIM card for your G3:

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