Moto G3 Sim Card

I just purchased another new Moto G 3rd Gen. Will the new Republic 3.0 sim cards work in this phone? Or am I required to use the older sim card, 2.0 i think?

the only Moto G 3rd Gen that will work is a Modified ROM Republic version not the unlock GSM version

so the 3.0 SIM will not work either will it work on the 2.0 plans

Check out this thread Is SIM card needed for MOTO X gen 1 or 2 on Plan 2.0 … it was answered by @michellen a fellow community contributor but applies to the G3 you purchased

Supposedly thats what motorolla sent me. It was a warranty replacement for Republic. So, with the Republic version…do I have the choice of sim cards…2.0 OR 3.0?

if the Republic version does not currently have a SIM Republic Support can send a new one (the SIM on 2.0 do not work the same as 3.0, 2.0 SIMs are just for LTE access and need to be linked to the phone

No you do not have a choice, if it is a Republic Wireless phone with it’s speciall modified ROM it will be a Moto G 3rd Gen** XT1548** and will have the Republic Wireless - Android Apps on Google Play installed as a factory level app (you can’t delete it)

If it is a RW phone it should have come with the RW SIM that only provides LTE capability, if not you will need to open a Ticket and work with Republic to obtain one

Ok, so I verifed it IS a xt1548 WITH Republic App pre-installed. Just to verify though…the 3.0 SIM card WON’T work? So i need to aquire a 2.0 card from republic or remove it from old broken Moto G3 phone I happened to have?

if there is not one already in stalled you will need to work with Republic as 2.0 SIM are link to the phone and the old one is not link to the new phone and a 3.0 SIM will not work

As this was a replacement from Motorola, please look through any packaging sent with the phone. Generally, they’re good about sending the needed SIM. It will probably say Sprint not Republic on it.

Failing that, you can try your old SIM, which may or may not work. If all else fails Republic will supply the SIM free of charge.

Meanwhile, the phone should activate sans SIM for talk, text and 3G data. All the SIM does in a Republic Moto G3 is provide access to Sprint’s 4G LTE data network.


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