Moto g3 suddenly will not "see" or connect with wifi at work

I have used my Moto g3 successfully at work for over a year. I have been connecting to the wifi with no problem and using it for calls, internet, texting . . . all good. Suddenly, my phone can’t “see” the wifi. It won’t connect even when I add the network manually. Also, the phone won’t connect to wifi for the professional tech guys here at work - so it’s not just me. I did a factory reset; wiped everything and the phone still will not discover or connect to the wifi network. Nothing has changed about the wifi here. No one else is having problems. Just me. Is there anything else I can try? Is it time for a new phone???

Does it connect at home, McD or Starbucks?
Do you see any WiFi’s avail (other than at work)

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Oh sure. The phone has no problem connecting, in general. It connects just fine to other networks. At work, home, and elsewhere. It’s just the best wifi network, the one I’m supposed to use at work that the phone refuses to see or connect to.

I would speak to your works IT Help Desk.

Perhaps they changed something. Like hiding the SSID. or set some sort of restriction.

Hi @leggypipscomb,

(Your username made me laugh!)

The Moto G3 supports the following types of Wi-Fi networks: WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)

Even though they say nothing changed, the IT team may have upgraded their network to 5GHz, which your phone would not be able to “see.”


Thanks for the ideas. I’ll ask IT today if anything has changed.

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