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While the Moto G3 (Moto G 3rd Generation) supports 4G LTE, I do not believe it supports VoLTE. Other community posts seem to indicate that (Sprint CDMA) voice calling will eventually become unavailable, the exact timing being subject to network partner commitments (with early 2022 being mentioned in broader contexts). Have any new discussions or confirmations been published?


Hi @dxm,

I’m not entirely sure if you’re asking for general telecom news or specific information from Republic. If it’s the latter, we have not made any announcements concerning the future of the Moto G3, but we will do so once we have certainty that we have accurate and final details. As I just mentioned in another post, now is the best time to be be sure that the e-mail address on your account is one that receives e-mail and that you monitor regularly, as that is our primary way of contacting our members. We also post important news in our #news category here in Community, which you can either “follow” or just check in on from time to time.

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Since @southpaw addressed the Republic specifics, I’ll respond with general telecom news. You are correct, as of right now T-Mobile has indicated that it is turning off the CDMA network that supports the legacy and beta Republic devices (Moto Defy, X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 and E2) early in 2022. You’re also correct that even the LTE devices on that list do not support VoLTE, which means when the CDMA network goes away, so does the ability of these devices to operate. This impacts not only these phones on Republic but millions of devices on Boost, another DISH brand. (And what is likely millions more devices across other carriers.)

So, why hasn’t anything specific been announced? You’ll have to review the answer above mine for Republic’s answer but I’ll give some facts interlaced heavily with my opinion. I’ve tried to be clear below which is which. FACT: These deadlines have been pushed back multiple times, with Verizon moving their CDMA shut down twice already. In this case it is even more complicated with lawsuits, and regulatory agencies involved. DISH claims the shutdown violates a promise T-Mobile made during the merger with Sprint. T-Mobile claims it made no such promise. This and a bazillion other things may cause a delay in the date, which essentially would be a death pentaly reprive for these devices.

Now, all that said, and this is a lot of OPINION:

  1. FACT: Nearly no company out there is activating CDMA (only) devices any more other than Republic. OPINION: Republic will have to follow along soon.
  2. FACT: If you’re using one of the CDMA phones you’re using an incredibly insecure device. There are quite literally thousands of known vulnerabilities to the OS on those devices ranging from very very minor and low risk to OPINION: ones I wouldn’t be comfortable walking around connected to the internet with.
  3. OPINION: The user experience on a new phone, even an entry level new phone, is night and day. From the smoothness of the interface to the ability to access new LTE bands and therefore coverage, to the camera even the cheapest phone out there right now is miles ahead.

All that babbling is said to say, and please, don’t anyone be offended, it is time. Time to trade in that 1976 Pinto for a new car. It doesn’t have to be a Rolls Royce, it can be a Hyundai Elantra, but come get your power steering, your 4 wheel disk brakes, your Android Auto and AC!

Thank you, @southpaw. I understand that RW will communicate once “we have certainty”. Do we know how much lead time we hope to or might have?

Thanks, @louisdi, for your reply (and interlaced opinion). The Moto G3 is, admittedly and to your point, a legacy CDMA phone; one plus is its legacy Refund Plan. Fortunately, it’s also not as potentially explosive as the Pinto…

Hi @dxm,

It’s not that we’re waiting until some specific date hits. Our goal isn’t to limit the lead time. We’re working with urgency to verify details so we can provide accurate information with as much lead time as possible.

Just don’t damage the battery!

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