Moto G3: Upgrade OS to latest Android Oreo 8.1?

I have a Moto G3 running Android version 5.1.1. I want to upgrade the OS to Oreo 8.1. Can it be done? If so, can someone give me instructions to upgrade the OS?

This is what I tried:

  1. Settings -> System Update -> Update PRL
  2. Settings -> System Update -> Update Motorola Software
    3 Settings -> System Update -> Update Profile.

None of the above did what I wanted to do.


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The Republic Moto G 3rd will not see another OS upgrade (Republics custom ROM stop upgrades at 5.1.1, even Motorola unlocked Moto G 3rd stop at 6.0)

in the android ecosystem
Flagship phones see 2 major OS updates, (exception for the Google Phones Nexus and Pixel which may be supported long)
Mid line phones (which the Moto G3 rd is) usually see only one major OS update,
Budget phones may never see an OS update

the Legacy plans (1.0/Refund) do not work with the New Android OS’s (the 3.0 Phones that use My Choice plans are unlocked OEM versions that have at least 6.0 some are currently at 8.1)


Hi. My wife has a Moto G3 running 5.1. For the first time, there is an app she needs that requires 6+. If I understand your response correctly, 6.0 can be installed on Moto G3, but RW is not supporting that. Is that correct? When I go to

It says “System is up to date”.

Are there instructions to first “unlock”…I don’t know if it’s locked or not, we bought it through RW when we first started with them two years ago. It’s a shame since I can see it getting worse as time goes on and, in my view 2 years isn’t that old.

She’s still happy with the phone otherwise.

The Moto G 3rd that Republic uses has a custom ROM which makes it work on the 1.0 and 2.0 plans. Though not technically carrier lock that custom ROM means it will only on Republic and Motorola has locked the boot loader which prevents flashing a different ROM [like the unlocked ROM] to the best of my knowledge Motorola has not unlocked the boot loader for any of the legacy phones]
As of a 2 year phone should still be useful I’m in agreement with this but some app developer think the 5.1 or phones running 5.1 are not going to give the experience they want and don’t make their app backward compatible.
As far as the industry is concerned a 2 year old budget/midline phone is at the end of it’s life
With effort one can make them work longer but it means giving up on latest apps and accepting that it’s specs are not up to today’s standard

Thanks for the info. So, no way…which saves me from searching the
internet more.

My son may upgrade his (a Moto 5 running Android 7.0) and my wife would
take that. Stinks since usage of the needed app provides a discount on
an expense that is equal to about half the price of a new phone.

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