Moto G3 users in SW VA - cellular problems?


I am looking for some Moto G3 users on the Republic 2.0 plan to try something for me - especially if you are located in the Roanoke, VA area (or the SW Virginia area in general). So far, I know of 3 Moto G3’s that are experiencing the same problem, and I want to see if it is more widespread, and if it is region-specific. Just try this:

  • Turn off your phone, then back on
  • Disable WiFi, or get outside of WiFi range
  • Before doing anything else, have someone call your phone - does it ring?
  • If it doesn’t, make an outgoing call on cellular, hang up, then have someone call the phone again. Did it work this time?

I have been having a problem recently (the last 2-3 months) where I can’t receive a call on cellular (it goes immediately to voicemail) until I make an outgoing call, but it works after that, at least for a while. As I said, I know of two other Moto G3s in my area that have exactly the same problem. However, my wife has a Moto G1, and it seems to receive cellular calls OK. So I am mostly interested in Moto G3s, and especially Moto G3s being used in the southwest Virginia area. I am interested in your results either way, whether it works or not. Thanks.


What an excellently described failing scenario and test plan … makes me wish I had an active G3 and lived closer to Roanoke!! Hopefully someone will give it a go with you


Hi, @jben. By the way, I do have an open ticket on this, and have worked extensively with the help desk to diagnose it further, but only recently found out that others are having the same problem. So I thought this might be a good way to gather some further information. Hope I can find some qualified testers.


If someone living in the area would like to participate, I would send them a un-activated Moto G3 that could replace your current RW phone (for testing) … just Direct Message me (click on userid and Message is top right)


I am around 100 miles north of you. We may be covered by the same Sprint region. I will be able to test this this evening when my granddaughter comes after school. Will let you know what happens then. Thanks for posting here.


Our Moto G3 worked as it should. Tried a couple times from the home phone and other republic wireless phone.
This may mean it is more localized. We had an issue last spring that was very localized to our area. All calls to other republic wireless phones or Sprint just rang busy.
Keep us updated about what happens with your ticket.


@grandbobby, thanks very much for giving it a try. I had to believe that this was a fairly isolated problem, or there would have been more buzz about it. Right now we’re looking into whether it might be caused by some interference between the LTE and cellular connections.


I believe the problem may have been narrowed down to some interaction between CDMA and LTE, that potentially could be worked around by forcing the G3 to use only 3G data connections. Coincidentally, I happened to come across some information which says that Sprint started doing some trials of a limited form of VoLTE (Voice over LTE) back in June, which was probably about the time I started noticing this problem. From the discussion I saw, I gather they are not really implementing pure VoLTE, but some variation that uses LTE to transfer call setup information, and then maybe more like a VoIP over LTE. Might that explain the calls not “connecting”, especially when testing shows that incoming calls work during the minute or so that the LTE connection takes to “come back” after making an outgoing call? I have no reason to believe that SW Virginia would be on the “leading edge” of something like that, but who knows? I guess we’ll see, if others start having the same problem.


For those interested, a local friend who owns a G3, and was having exactly the same problem, went on a trip to New Jersey. Guess what? His phone works perfectly fine there. So it certainly seems like we have some local Sprint compatibility issue that at least affects the Roanoke Valley area.