Moto G3 will not connect to wifi after troubleshooting

This has happened in the past but I do not remember what the solution was. I am stuck on a cell network.

Please tell us what you see when you go to Settings, WiFi and what happens when you connect to your own WiFi at home. In cases where a WiFi password has been changed it is necessary to “forget” the connection with the old password and then log into that access point with the new password.

I have a MotoX 2nd gen that is now not seeing the wifi at work… If I power the phone down and back up it will see and connect to the wifi for about 20 minutes. I have gone form using about 300MB to about 2 GB per month. A solution would be great.

OK, finally had to do a factory reset with the phone and reset my router at home to restore normal operation of the phone. The moto G3 has a much “snappier” performance now.

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