Moto G3 won't connect to my home wifi

Moto G3 won’t connect to my home wifi


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Hi @chadm.48kca0,

Could you please tell the Community exactly what steps you are taking, and what happens when the connection fails. If you see any error message be sure to tell us the exact wording.

My home wifi comes up as “saved”, under settings, wifi. It tries to connect, and the message is wifi connection failure. I’ve tried forgetting the wifi and re-entering, I’ve restarted the phone. I have not done a factory reset. This time, it showed as “saved”, I clicked on it, tapped connect, and it disappeared from the screen…a minute later it came back on the screen, message was “connecting”, then “saved” and now “wifi connection failure”.

Have you tried forgetting the network, then re-adding it in, putting in the correct password?

Yes, I tried that, but here’s what did work:

completely power off your Wi-Fi router there, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Also power the phone completely off during that 30 seconds, and power it back up.

Power cycling the router and phone would have been the next troubleshooting step I would have suggested.

If this continues to happen, I would suspect your router. Be sure it has up to date firmware.
And a power cycle every month or two is always good for any router and modem, to keep up best performance and stability.

Hi @chadm.48kca0,

I’m glad to see you got it sorted out. My router frequently needs to be rebooted, like that, too.

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