Moto G3 won't show it's charging and will not turn on/boot up. No response when connect it to charger

My Moto G3 shut down unexpectedly while charging, and now it won’t turn on or boot up. The screen remains black when I connect the charger to the phone. Normally when I connect it to the charger, the charging icon appears on the screen shows the charging progress. The charging icon does not come on, and the phone shows no response when I press and hold the on/off button to start the phone. No response whatsoever.

Hi @bobe.bp26j1 and welcome to the Community!

I hate to say it, however, the reality is your Moto G3 may have passed away. That said, please try holding the power button alone down for up to two minutes releasing it before that only if the screen responds or the phone vibrates? Doing so will, hopefully, force a reboot. Did it?


I gave that a try, and I was able to get the phone to respond and boot up again. Thank you for the suggestion and the encouragement. I’ve been having some problems recently with this phone shutting down unexpectedly when using the camera and the battery reserve has dropped below 88% or so. I have another Moto G3 phone that’s ready for me to migrate to, and I think the time has come to do that. I’m thankful that I still have that as an option. Do you have any suggestions about what to do to save any data, contacts info, phone texts, etc., before migrating? Some of those will migrate, but I don’t know which ones. I have a 32 GB SD card with my pictures saved there, so I should be able to just transfer the card to the new phone. Thank you for your quick reply (s) and help in rescuing me.


Hi @bobe.bp26j1,

It does kind of sound like the battery on the current Moto G3 may be in the process of wearing out. Contacts are typically backed up to one’s Google account. Do you see them when using a computer’s web browser here: If so, using the same Google account on the other G3 will move them there.

For moving text messages, I suggest this third party app: You’d want to get the backup done on the current G3 ASAP and use a cloud storage option for the backup. Google Drive is an available choice.

Photos and anything else store there may indeed be moved from one G3 to the other by moving the Micro SD card.


Wow! That’s a lot of very helpful information, Roland. Thank you.

I installed the BU and Restore App and was able to successfully BU all Messages and phone logs. What a surprise! I assume that I will need to install that same BU and Restore app on the new Moto G3 (when I migrate to it) in order to retrieve the messages onto that phone. Is that correct?

I was very surprised when I went to “” and saw all of my phone contacts listed there. ? I’m not quite sure how they’ve ended up there, but I guess they must be associated with my google/gmail account since it shows I’m logged in, even though I haven’t logged into that account recently, that I know of. ? I’ll have to continue working on that in order to get a better handle on it, but I’m glad to see the contacts are there.

I’ve moved all of my photos to the SD card. Is there anything else that can be moved to the SD card for ease in transferring to the new phone? The only other thing I can think of that may need to be considered is/are the Apps that are installed on the current Moto G3. Do/will those migrate to the new Moto G3 or do I have to reinstall those individually?

Is there anything else that you would recommend, or be concerned with, that I should do before migrating to the new phone? I’m sorry for all the questions, but I’ve put off doing the migration for quite a while because of the uncertainties. Your help and suggestions today have be right on target and have been extremely helpful. Thank you again very much.


You’re most welcome!

You are correct, sir!

By default, Google backs up contacts on an Android phone to its cloud. So long as one doesn’t change the default behavior, it just happens.

Apps are likewise linked to your Google account and for the most part will populate the other G3 when the same Google account is used. I say for the most part because Google does usually manage to miss an app or two. Those, however, may be individually downloaded again on the other G3.

I think we’ve covered that which folks are typically concerned with moving between phones. If you have music or videos on the phone in addition to photos, those could be moved to the Micro SD card.

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Thank you so much for your prompt and very helpful replies. I feel much more confident, and relaxed, about moving on to a new phone that hopefully will be less problematic regarding the unexpected shut downs. I appreciate your individually addressing each of my questions and your inclusions of some very pertinent information regarding each. I thought I was in for a long and discouraging series of challenges in order to prepare for the phone changeover, but you have helped me prepare for it very quickly. I really appreciate your kindness and your participation in the Republic Member Community. I also am very thankful to be a member of Republic Wireless. Republic Wireless offers excellent service to its members.

Thanks again for your help today.


I went to for the first time and was surprised to see that out of the dozens of contacts on my cell phone, only three showed up on my PC. Why is this and how can I fix it?

Hi @Voyager,

At Settings -> Backup & reset; is Back up my data toggled on? Does the same Google account you’re signing into at show under Backup account?

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