Moto G4 1 year old battery drain started last week


What phone do you have? Moto G4
What plan are you on? My Choice
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

Moto G4 - all of a sudden faster battery daily drain. I was able to get 12 - 14 hours and be at 50%
last week added HP Smart and HP Print Service to test wifi printing.
and last week Yahoo Mail app updated - and now runs slow.
Removed both HP apps, additional Yahoo update, but still draining fast.

Battery issue or rogue app issue ? What battery testing app might I use to help ?
What have others seen.
1 year is very short for battery life.


Hi @robertj!

Could you show us a photo of the battery usage under settings? It should show a percentage breakdown by app.



Actually tried the key combination for that and ended up powering the phone
down, so lost those percentages.
Nothing really notable, screen at the highest at 6%, will capture again on
next discharge cycle.
Right now after recharging to 78% has dropped to 61% in less than 10 min,
and only thing showing is screen at 1%


Did you happen to update the phone recently?


Apps from the app store, nothing real noticeable, and the only real slow
one of late is the Yahoo Mail app - runs way more slowly with the last two
updates within the last 10 days.
Carrier services, that might be one but that’s a Republic thing.


Hi @robertj!

Ok. Let’s try something. Please run your phone in safe mode for a while and see if you get better battery life. Safe mode disables third-party apps to help diagnose issues. If a third-party app is the culprit, this will find it. You can find instructions on how to boot into safe mode here: How to Enable Safe Mode on Motorola, Nexus, and Google Phones – Republic Help . Let me know the results!


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Running in safe mode is a bit better, 3 hour run time from 100 down to 50
at present , battery usage screen at 5%, cell standby 1%, battery usage has
flattened out and stabilized at 50%.

with phone “doing nothing” in safe mode battery drain appears to have
stopped draining excessively.

One other new app when I was running in regular mode was Choice hotels.
The Yahoo and AT&T Apps that I run are huge, over 200MB each, that does not
mean bad battery usage, but that’s a bit of bloat for apps that should be
in the 30-50MB size.


Ok. This would indicate that there is an app causing some battery drain. I would recommend deleting apps one by one (based on which you think could most-likely be the culprit).

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Another good maintenance procedure would be to Clear Cache.

Recommended after updates and is a good Android housekeeping task.

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running in safe mode was really helpful these past few days.
At this point I have not had time to carefully review the 3-4 new apps, but
all could actually be removed without a real loss.

Thanks to all whom have had suggestions on this thread.


Problem solved with additional Help from Adrian at the Republic Pop Up
Store in Raleigh.

We ran a number of tests this past week to try to pinpoint the problem.

I took in an update to MobileIron Go on Dec 15th, and I believe that app is
the cause of all of this

I removed All of the new apps I mentioned, and no better performance. I
removed MobileIron Go and all is good.
The battery is behaving MUCH better.


Great to hear @robertj!

Glad to hear the community could help. :relaxed:


the other thing I’ve done since was to drop the display sleep to 1 minute, that has helped as well. I’m now getting 16 hours and still above say 25% left at the end of a day of use. Not a lot of phone calls with hat.

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