Moto G4 and free Republic Wireless GSM SIM kit + more at B&H




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Get $25 Off via Clip Coupon + 6 Months Free Republic Wireless Service Upon Activation!. Offer ends: JAN 12 '18

I would like a new Moto G 4, but it is out of stock

The fine print is important. New lines of service only qualify for the free six months.


similar to other 6 Month free promotions that Republic has offered,
only on new lines of service (new numbers or port in numbers only)
the only interesting thing to me is the fact Republic is doing this though B&H


Makes for a great Christmas gift.


It also applies to the G5+ and the E4. That makes the 64 GB G5+ $215 and the E4 $105 (B&H price of $130-$25) with 6mo 2GB service. A great deal for new customers.

If you look at the coupon, it looks like a general release from RW, makes you wonder whether RW will offer the deal directly as well.


Time will tell but this close to Christmas, I’d jump on the deal at B&H were I in the market. The folks at B&H are great people to do business with.


I agree. Have done business with them over the years and very satisfied. New lines only killed it for me though.

On the other hand, she might be willing to take on “new service line” and get off my account, she could still port the existing RW number and qualify?.


Questionable, at best. One can’t port between Republic accounts. Support can move the number between accounts but I doubt they’ll consider that a new line. Theoretically, one could port out, then port back but that’s arguably gaming the system and Republic has reserved the right in the past to cancel the promotional price if detected.


Yes, that was my take on the situation. Thanks.

edit: Technically, it would be a new account, just not a new line of service.


I am new and bought the phone. How do i get the free 6 months of service? when I try to activate the phone it asks me to select a plan and give my credit card number?

separate issue. my old phone number is available to be switched over to RW. Do I do that after I activate the phone? the help article is worded funny about this topic


I would assume you just follow the instructions at I would imagine you would have to enter your credit card information.

You can transfer the number after activation.


When I try to activate service it wants me to select a plan and enter credit card info


Select the My Choice + 2GB plan and enter your credit card information. In the past, you were charged for the first month, and the subsequent 6 months were free. I’m not sure if this promotion operates the same way.


Thanks. it worked. the coupon didn’t show up until the last page where I had to hit confirm. Total monthly $2.42


Good to see it worked correctly. The $2.42 is for taxes and fees not covered by the promotion (it’s in the fine print of the promotional material).



Welcome to RW. Glad you were able to take advantage of the great promotional offer. Thanks for sharing your experience activating your new phone. Enjoy.


I bought a phone on the B&H deal and RW promo. Unfortunately my number won’t transfer, per their number eligibility portal site, and I don’t want a new number. Do you know of any reason I can’t sell or give away the sim and 6 months of service, as long as the recipient has a qualifying phone?


Hi @roberts.zk8f5i,

As I read the terms of the offer, it is non-transferable, however, I am not a lawyer.


Terms and Conditions
*Each phone purchased between December 12, 2017 and January 12, 2018 will be eligible to receive up to six (6) consecutive months of
Republic Wireless’s unlimited talk and text plus 2 GB of cellular data My Choice service plan free of charge (taxes and telecom charges not
included) (the “Offer”).


The offer reads like the offer is somehow linked to the new phone purchased. Obviously the offer would be transferable to a recipient as a phone/service package if it had been purchased as a gift? Success using just the SIM/offer in another compatible phone is an unknown to me and most other members.


Thank you.