Moto G4 - Android version

I have read several articles about how Android Oreo was promised for the G4, and then Motorola, renigged, and then due to large user complaint, have decided again to release Android Oreo to the G4.

I see web pages with instructions on installing Oreo on the G4.

Does RW support Oreo on the G5?
Any plans for the release though channels?


Hi @johnt.vz1adw,

There are currently no Oreo builds for the G4 supported by Republic Wireless. If it is released through Moto’s “retus” software channel, we will work toward support for it.

You asked:

I’m not sure whether that was a typo, or whether you’re considering upgrading. There are Oreo builds supported for the G5+ and G5S+.

Motorola has always stated the Moto G lines as a midline phone will see 1 major is update [which was to 7.0 nuogat from 6.0 marshmallow] and 2 years worth of sercurity updates [the 2 major updates and 3 years of sercurity updates is what the flagship class phones get [Moto X and Moto Z lines] they may have considered a 2nd update and may even release one in some markets [South American, Asian]
I will not the budget line of Moto E do not see any major updates just sercurity updates for 1 year.

Yes, its a type, I talked about G4, then asked about G5. Should have been G4.

Thank you SouthPaw

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