Moto G4 - Arc goes hollow after connection to good Wi-Fi network

I get home, which has great WiFi, my MotoG4 connects. After a short time, my arc goes hollow. I check the WiFi in Settings and it shows its still connected. Its not. To fix this problem, I shut off the WiFi in Settings, then turn it on again. Then its good. It does not happen all the time. Just once in a while.

Seems it only happens at home. I have 3 routers with the same SSID, on 3 different channels.

The channels are pretty clean with little interference for other houses.

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This seems to be pretty common with the G4 and G4+. I recommend opening a service ticket. It is likely you will be asked to jump through a lot of hoops culminating in a factory reset, after which you ticket will be added to a master ticket.

Let us know how this turns out.

Any chance that you could capture a screen shot showing the results of Wifi Analyzer - Android Apps on Google Play? This would give the community an opportunity to help analyze your problem … and possibly offer some help

Here is a screenshot I lifted from the App and annotated it a bit.

It happened again. I was not at home. I logged in at the gym, solid arc, 15 minutes later it was hollow again. At end when I was ready to leave it went solid.

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