Moto G4 Asking for Password at Startup

For the last 3 day’s I have been trying to “UNLOCK” MY Motorola 4G as I HAD a “Pin” key for security, I installed and It was evident that it was removed or replaced as the boot-up screen popped up that I needed to input a “Password” on boot-up? What in the heck is going on?

Hi @harmonicaman,

Based on the description, it sounds like your phone is encrypted (generally a good thing). Encrypted phones do require one enter the PIN or password to complete startup. Are we to understand that the PIN was changed to a password without your knowledge? Does anyone else have access to the phone who might have made the change?

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Yes, I HAD a “Pin” code but I went to use the phone it wanted a password and I have never used a Password on my Laptops or other devices, only a well known “PIN #” I have not run into this kind of a problem before and I have been in electronics (You communicated on it I repaired it!) Two way Radio, Repeaters satellite TV etc… I have tried to (Re-Boot the Moto 4G but don’t have the manual for it to get rid of what was entered by ??? what ever the updates or have been hacked! Thank You! I don’t have communication except the “Emergency Touch on screen which will allow me to call 911 only” !!! can’t access anything else unless I have the Password to open the screen!

NO ONE has or had access to my phone! Sorry I omitted the Answer to your question

Hi @harmonicaman,

Thank you for the additional context! I cannot explain how the PIN was changed to a password. I’m sorry to say, the only way around the lockout is a factory reset from recovery mode. Republic’s how to on that is linked here:

I’m further sorry to say in these circumstances there will be no opportunity to backup the phone’s contents.

Additionally, please proceed with caution as one must use the same Google account currently used on the phone post reset and one must not reset the password for that Google account. Resetting the Google account password would lock you out for 24-72 hours. Not using the same Google account that is currently used on the phone would lock you out forever. These are “features” of Google’s highly effective anti-theft “kill switch”.

If there’s a silver lining here it is that using the same Google account that is currently used on the phone will cause that which has already been backed up by Google to repopulate the phone post reset. I genuinely wish I had a more positive answer for you.

As of this AM. After reset. Only a few items had to be re-installed and all is working and I can figure it out from here. Thank you for your EXCELLENT HELP!

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