Moto G4: Audio Effects_Accidently hit 'Forced Stop' HELP ME GET THIS BACK, Please

What phone do you have? Moto G4_Android V 7.0

What plan are you on? High Speed LTE Cell Data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Unlimited Talk & Text.

Issue Description

Within the Settings area; under Apps installed: Audio Effects. I ‘accidently’ hit “FORCE STOP”. I was NOT paying attention. I obviously need to get this app back/ to work.
1.) I went to Google Play Store; thinking to ‘reinstall’ this particular app. No luck.
2.) Used Reset app preferences - not what I needed.
3.) Tried Assist & voice input - not what I needed.
4.) Within Configure apps - App permissions; opening links; Assist & voice input; as well as Modify system settings - not what I need.
5.) Tried Connected apps ‘All apps & devices’ chose: HELP - not what I need to resolve Audio Effects problem.

Please someone help me to solve this terrible mistake I created in a moment of total oblivious!! I don’t know how to ‘reset’ the app Audio Effects for it to work again. I really don’t know the full consequences of this erroneous action - just being honest.
Is there someone within the Republic Wireless community that can HELP me to HELP myself, Please? Wow, messed up big time.
Date: TUE; 03/26/2019 Time: 2235 EST

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@peggyk.0pamkr Welcome to the community, and deep breath.

You’ve done nothing at all to the phone. Force Stop simply stops the process from running right now. A simple restart of the phone (power off and back on) reverses what you’ve done 100%, with no harm, no longer-term impact. NOTHING to worry about!


I’ve turned off the cp & let it remain ‘off’ for a second or two. Turning it back on.

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Wow, I love the “Hello Moto” start up. Oops, No change. Audio Effects ‘force stop’ still greyed out.

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Please can you suggest another avenue? I really, really, really need YOUR HELP.

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Force stop will remain gray until something triggers audio effects to start. Are you trying to use the audio effects while listening to music? I’m honestly not sure what your concern is. Is something not working the way you expect it to?


I’m thinking that having inadvertantly ‘force stopped’ audio effects – something like my google Maps/GPS won’t give me ‘voice’ directions. How can I trigger the sound effects to start again? Perhaps place a YouTube video? Or what about like you suggested ‘try’ to play some music? Yuck; I hate when I create problems such as this - when I know NOTHING about this app what it does/effects/how it works, etc.
I’m really dense, but I really just want this Audio Effects back ON. Please don’t stop helping me. At least until I get it to work, again. I’m really most appreciative for any & all your suggestions.

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You’ve done it!! I turned on the google play music…and darn you R right. Audio Effects ‘force stop’ is back on. No longer greyed out. Bless you so very much! Your rapid assistance, patience, direction/suggestions have been of tremendous help.
I feel total relief, now this app is back on. I’ll be more careful in future. UR 1 of the Best!!


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