Moto g4 availability?

I managed to drop my phone today (screen busted) and would like to replace it with a Moto G 4 (32gb). Website says out of stock.

Will you replenish the inventory?

In the event RW does not replenish the inventory, capn I put the SIM card from my existing G4 in one I might purchase from Amazon?

Randy Hinton

Hi @rvhinton

Wether-or-not RW will continue to sell/restock the G4 is not something the community can answer.

That said, the answer is Yes. You could actually go purchase a G4 from a brick-n-mortar store and do the same. If your a Prime subscriber, and looking at the discounted version for ad’s through Amazon, that would be the most economical path I suspect… as long as you can wait a day or two.

Let us know how it turns out if you don’t mind. We love information. :slight_smile:

Hi @rvhinton,

We do have just a few more of the G4 32 GB in stock and my expectation is that white should be available in the online store tomorrow, and black on Friday. There are only a few, so I’d expect each color to sell out within a day.

I know that’s kind of a stress-inducing answer, so please do also consider @c1tobor’s suggestions for purchasing from a third party. There is info on our BYOP page to help you make sure you select a compatible phone.

My phone still works ok. I think I will take my chances with ordering a black one on Friday! Any chance you can “reserve” one for me?

I have no way to reserve one, but I’ll do my best to let you know if I get word they are available again, and I bet some of our Community members will be watching out for you now, too.


Is the Moto G4 completely out of stock now? I don’t know whether I should be checking back regularly, or giving up and moving on to a different model. It would be nice if the phone’s page gave that type of info.

Hi @peggyp.gniyzk,

I believe the 32GB G4 is completely out of stock. I’m awaiting confirmation of that and will respond here once I have a definite answer.

We will be making improvements over time that will prevent this uncertainty, as we do understand how it impacts someone who is trying to make a purchasing decision.

@peggyp.gniyzk, I have received confirmation that the 32GB G4 is completely out of stock. We have several out of stock phones that need to be removed from the online store, but the work was delayed by the holiday last week. I apologize for the confusion this has caused you.

I’ve already seen a change. Several out of stock phones have been removed recently. Thanks for the improvements.

I wish the change I was speaking of were that quick and easy to implement.

Currently, as the phone goes out of stock, there is an awkward period of time where we adjust some inventory and the phone may show up on the website as “out of stock” but then come back. Eventually, when it is permanently out of stock, we remove it from the line-up in our online store.

In the future we’ll reduce some of the clunkiness as we won’t have the out-and-in-and-out-of-stock transition to move through.

Our website team was able to do some housekeeping and remove the permanently out-of-stock phones from the online store this evening. Thank you for noticing so quickly. I’ll let them know their efforts were appreciated.

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