Moto g4 battery suddenly began running down much faster

What phone do you have? moto g4

What plan are you on? $20/mo 1G date

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1G data

Issue Description

Two days ago the battery ran down in 5 hr. Up until then it easily got through the day.

Try looking in Settings --> Battery – and see what’s been eating it up. I suggest a restart of the phone after that if an app is stuck on running the battery down… I find my data transfer app running if i don’t shut it down correctly.
Restarting the phone should shut everything off and start from a fresh startup.

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My G4 became battery weak after about 2 years. In addition to what bocephous said, I’d recommend turning down your brightness. The screen on that phone gobbles up battery if you’re watching videos.

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My G4 Plus was doing the same thing a year ago. (The phones are identical in terms of the battery.) Eventually it got so bad that it would jump to 0% and the Android OS would turn the phone off automatically. Putting it into airplane mode during the day when you’re not using it helps, especially if you have a poor cell connection, but the app checking and brightness are better, longer-term fixes.

Unfortunately, I was forced to fully replace the battery myself, but the phone is working a lot better since I did that. This is a good guide if you plan on going that route, but keep in mind it’s a more challenging than just popping the battery out and putting a new one in.

Essentially, I think the answers you’ve received are all leading in one direction and that is as the phone and the battery get older, the capacity of the batter decreases. This will lead to decreased operating time to start and eventually may lead to the point where the phone suddenly cuts out without warning, even though it appears the battery is charged. The only solution is a battery replacement although even that isn’t a perfect solution as the batteries that are available to use for a replacement are likely older themselves so won’t have as much capacity as when your phone was new.

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