Moto G4 bluetooth and WiFi issues

I have a Moto G4 and I am having a problem with it pairing to my bluetooth speakers. I have other devices that use the same speakers and there is no pairing issues at all. Additionally, My WiFi connection drops 20-30 times a day and I have to turn off WiFi and restart WiFi to reconnect properly. Could I have a defective phone?

See this thread for bluetooth issues and suggested workarounds

Moto G4 Bluetooth Failure

There have been no reports of issues with WiFi that I am aware of. You can take a look at this document to troubleshoot your WiFi issues


Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network

If none of those help, please open a help ticket

Thanks for your comment. I went though the suggested content and pairing my bluetooth directly after a phone restart worked for me. Also I seem to be having better connection on WiFi after doing a power cycle on my router/WiFi.

You’re welcome!

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